Space, Space, Space

Too many young couples in Brooklyn are cramming their children into half their dining room as they are stuck in a one-bedroom apartment. Moving to Lakewood gives these families room to spread out and have Harchavas Ha’Da’as. Suddenly each child finds personal space to flourish. A large airy kitchen, a dining room that could host a Simcha, bedrooms galore and a couple of bathrooms suddenly make family life that much calmer and more growth-oriented.


Affordable Rent

No, the space doesn’t come at a doubling of the rent price. In fact, a two-floor home in one of the housing complexes in Lakewood, one that even gives you an outdoor deck and backyard, costs less per month in rent than some of the Boro Park one-bedroom hovels. And, if you are ready to purchase, you can buy a home for a third of the price of a Brooklyn home.


Safe Outdoor Play Areas

Let’s be honest. You can’t let your children run down to play ball or ride a bike freely in Brooklyn. There is too much traffic, no space and less safety. Move to Lakewood and suddenly your children can get their Vitamin D, spending time in the sun and outdoors.


Chinuch Factors

Yes, you send your children to fine Mosdos. But every City bus that rolls by with disgusting ads on it passes your child’s eyes. So do the multitude of City vulgarities. Moving your child to the heart of a Torah community shields him/her from much of the improper sights of the City.


The Achdus of Torah

Lakewood is still unique in uniting many diverse streams of Yiddishkeit to one common community. You have every Chassidic group, every stripe of Litvak, and they daven and shop side-by-side, neighbors and friends. Since Lakewood was founded on Torah values, “vayeechan sham Yisroel K’ish Echad” the neighborly feeling of Achdus in Lakewood is unparalleled.

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